hur vi hanterar covid-19

Dear guests,
We follow the development regarding Covid-19 / Corona and listen to the authorities' and the camping industry's recommendations. You as a guest or employee should feel safe and well taken care of when you visit, live or work with us.

For those of you who live in a cottage, this means that you have your very own living space. It is well cleaned, and properly disinfected. During your stay, we ask you to follow our general prescribed hygiene rules that are related to the Public Health Agency. As far as possible, we also try to leave the cabins empty between bookings.

Where possible, we will keep an empty space between two occupied places. Experience wonderful nature, fresh air and space around you! This is exactly what we need to build good protection! We hope you follow this step and we will pay extra attention to this so that everyone can feel at ease. You who live in a motorhome / caravan control your own environment.

Service building
Our service houses are cleaned regularly and we also disinfect specific surfaces such as handles, flush buttons and so on. We urge everyone who visits us, both guests and staff, to be careful to wash their hands often. There is hand soap in all our service areas.

We are extra careful with our hand hygiene. Staff stay home with a cold, sore throat, fever or cough, even with milder symptoms. We keep the recommended distance from colleagues and guests where possible.

Although we attach great importance to personal contact, we have made it possible, without having to go to the reception, to independently arrange your stay on arrival at our campsite. By using "self-check-in", you can check in and pay regardless of reception staff and opening hours. You will be assigned a seat based on the selected facility and date. You will then receive all the information such as your place number, area map and your receipt via e-mail. It is therefore important that you can open your e-mail! Of course you are always welcome at the reception where we are happy to help you personally.

Welcome to contact us by phone +46123-20258.

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