Booking conditions Yxningens Camping
When booking online via an intermediary, other booking conditions may apply.

Age limit for booking
To book with us, you must be 18 years old. Meeting the age limit is a requirement for gaining access to housing.

Booking online
When booking online, you pay 30% in advance which is made directly at the time of booking. The booking is binding when the payment was successful. The balance may be paid on arrival / check-in.

Booking by phone
When booking by phone, you pay 30% in advance where we send you an advance invoice via email with a payment link. The booking is binding when the invoice is paid. The balance may be paid on arrival / check-in unless otherwise agreed. If you miss the advance payment, it counts as a cancellation on your part and the cancellation policy applies. Bookings that take place within 6 weeks before the arrival date are normally invoiced 100% in advance, but due to Corona Situation, only 30% is invoiced in advance as other bookings.

You can cancel via e-mail (avbokning@yxningenscamping.se). The cancellation does not count if it is made to someone other than Yxningens Camping.

  • If the booking is canceled earlier than 40 days before arrival, you do not have to pay more than SEK 200 in administration costs and the balance is paid back via bank.

  • If the booking is canceled 39 - 12 days before arrival, we will keep 25% of the down payment plus SEK 200 in administration costs and the remaining amount will be refunded via bank transfer.

  • If the booking is canceled 11 - 2 days before arrival, we keep 75% of the down payment plus SEK 200 in administration costs and the remaining amount is refunded via bank transfer.

  • If the booking is canceled 1 - 0 days, we keep 100% of the down payment and an invoice is sent with an amount of SEK 200 for administrative costs.

Sker ingen avbeställning och det bokade objektet inte tas i anspråk av gästen har Yxningens Camping rätt att tillgodoräkna sig det totala priset för bokningen. Ändringar som innebär annan tidpunkt eller objekt är att betrakta som avbeställning och ny bokning.

Departure earlier than planned
If you choose to leave earlier than planned, no money will be refunded unless otherwise agreed with us.

Cancellation protection
You can protect yourself against the cancellation cost by taking out a cancellation protection, at a cost of SEK 249 per booking. Cancellation protection can only be taken out in connection with booking. With signed cancellation protection, you can cancel up to 24 hours before the day of arrival, provided that one of the events listed below has occurred:

  • death, illness or accident of a serious nature that has affected yourself, spouse, cohabitant, your or spouse's spouse's parents, children, siblings or fellow traveler, another serious event occurs outside your control, e.g. extensive fire or flood in your home, which means that it is not reasonable to request that you stick to your booking

  • conscription into the armed forces or civil defense.

You must be able to prove your disability with a certificate from a doctor, authority or insurance company. Certificates received later than seven (7) days after the cancellation date will not be considered. In case of cancellation, the cost of cancellation protection and any booking fee will not be refunded.

Check-in / check-out times
The check-in time for cabins is at 14:00 and the check-out time is no later than 11.00 unless otherwise agreed. The check-in time for camping plots is at 15:00. If you do not leave empty or / cottage in time, you will be charged any extra costs that arise if the next guest can not check in on time.

Rules of procedure
SCR's rules of procedure apply at the campsite. Locally, there may be certain additional regulations regarding the location of the unit on the plot, car parking, laying of electrical cables, sewage tanks and more that are based on government orders. Violation of the rules of procedure means that the guest can be rejected.

You have the protection that you consider necessary, such as liability, accident and luggage insurance. If you are checked in with a valid Camping Key Europe, special insurance applies in the event of an accident on site.

The campsite's responsibility
The campsite is responsible for damage caused to you by proven negligence on the part of the campsite owner or staff employed by him or her within the framework of their duties. The campsite is not responsible for damage caused to you by outsiders or other guests. Nor for damage that was outside the campsite's control.

Complaints / complaints
If the rented object does not meet the promised condition, we want you to report it within 2 hours of arrival so that we have an opportunity to correct it. Errors that occur during the stay, we want you to report as soon as possible.