To complement the campsite's range, we rent out holiday homes in various standards. Our goal is to increase the number of houses. Right now we are renovating a house in Ringarum that will be available for rent from July 2024. Do you want to know more or do you have a house near lake Yxningen that can be rented for a longer period? Contact Us!

At 2 kilometers from the campsite, we offer two fantastic holiday homes on a Swedish manor house from the 19th century! The farm's total area is no less than 700 hectares and consists of beautiful forests and paths. You can walk and enjoy in a beautiful natural environment and "experience" your holiday in a lovely farm environment. In the forest you will even find old settlements / houses where people used to live who worked on the farm. The farm consists of a main building and two wings. The main building and the right wing (hunting wing) are at your disposal!