Welcome to Yxningens Camping & Café!

Discover this little paradise! A genuine family campsite with a personal atmosphere and wonderful location at the beautiful lake Yxningen. A top place from many perspectives. For those who just want to be or who want to be active. Discover lake Yxningen by motorboat or take a dip in the unique fresh water. Our cozy café with outdoor terrace offers everything from breakfast and coffee & cookies to good pizzas or burgers.

We are looking forward to welcome you and contribute to your memorable stay with us! Most people who visit us, come back! 💛

You are very welcome on our cosy campsite
We have some fantastic Holiday Homes!


A wonderful experience
At our quiet and cosy campsite you can 'just be':
Enjoy the camping atmosphere and nature, swim at the swimming area, throw a rod, read a book ...
Nice to know that you don't have to do anything right now...

Water pleasure
Discover the wonderful lake Yxningen (31 km2).
Truly a paradise for water enthusiasts. Fantastic fishing waters, small uninhabited islands, the magical nature and the silence surprise you every time again.

Child friendly
We have a safe playground with the popular trampoline.
Children can go there independently and play with other children. Enjoy while the kids have fun!

In the middle of nature
The campsite is located next to a beautiful, large forest. Perfect for a hike in the wonderful nature. Depending on the season and weather, there are berries, strawberries or mushrooms to be found. If you are lucky, you will see moose, fallow deer or sea eagle.Tired after the hike? Jump after a visit to the sauna in the clear, clean water and feel like a newborn! Grilling sausages above your own made fire makes the party complete!

Then a few more sights ......

Gusum (3 km)
Worth visiting is Glashyttan, Bruksmuseum, Sko- och klädlådan och Gusums Kryddbod. In Gusum is a supermarket ICA (alla dagar kl 9-21), gasoline station, garage, bio and pizzeria/kebab.

Ringarum (6 km)
Värdshus (RASTA) Ringarum, gasoline station, supermarket Mattöppet (må-fr 9-19, lör 10-15, sön 11-14).

Valdemarsvik (12 km)
Cozy little town by the only fjord in the Baltic Sea!
Grännäs (Tyrni) Restaurang or Rosarium, Melkes Krog, Lilla Blå, Cafë Kårtorp, biograf.

Holmbo (15 km)
Interior shop Marias Hus, Evas café and clothing / interior design store Idas syster Sofie.

Söderköping (28 km)
You do not see it when driving through this city, but it is definitely worth a visit! The center itself is very nice. Also visit Götakanalen with the locks and restaurants including Bondens Creperie & Lanthandel, Smultronstället. From the Canal it is possible to go up to the nature reserve Ramunderberget and get a view of this charming city.

Åtvidaberg (47km)
Small town with several shops and restaurants.

Ovriga turistiska tips:
Touristinformation about Östergötland
Industrilandskapet Norrköping: 43 km
Gamla Linköping: 70 km
Djurparken Kolmården: 70 km
Astrid Lindgrens Värld: 96 km
Stockholm: 206 km
Kalmar/Öland: 200/210 km